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Oliver Kozlarek (2011), Moderne als Weltbewusstsein. Ideen für eine humanistische Sozialtheorie in der globalen Moderne  (Modernity as World Consioussness. Ideas for a Humanist Social Theory in Global Modernity).

The book lays out the foundations for an innovative social theory of global modernity. It pretends to give new theorectical and conceptual impulses (world-consciousness, humanism), and to connect sociology in a productive way to other critical discourses like postcolonialism. The book also wishes to accompany sociology in its transition towards a global sociology that serves as a forum for as many voices as possible. A first step into this direction is done by the author himself who shows what sociology can learn from the Mexican poet and essayist Octavio Paz. see:

Oliver Kozlarek/Jörn Rüsen/Ernst Wolff (eds.) (2012), Shaping a Humane World. Civilizations – Axial Times – Modernities – Humanisms


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