Alfons Söllner

Alfons Söllner teaches political theories and history of ideas at the Technische Universität Chemnitz. He studied political science, philosophy and the history of literature in Regensburg, Munich and Harvard from 1967 to 1973. Advised by Kurt Sontheimer he made his PHD about “Geschichte und Herrschaft. Studien zur materialistischen Sozialwissenschaft 1929-1945.” (1977). Until his Habitilation in 1986, which was titled “Peter Weiss und die Deutschen. Die Entstehung einer politischen Ästhetik wider die Verdrängung.“ he worked in several projects and became professor in Chemnitz in 1994.

His research is focused on the history of Frankfurt School, history of political science in the Republic of Weimar, theories of state and justice in the 20th century, theories of fascism and totality, emigration of German social- and political scientists after 1933, politics and esthetics, politics of migration and integration, xenophobia and political culture in the postwar Germany.


Alfons Söllner at the TU Chemnitz Website


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